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    The foretelling


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    The foretelling

    Post by Sundown on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:39 pm

    As soon as the tea filled the porcelain cup the butler set the pot down on the silver tray. Picking up the saucer and walking the cup to the back of oversized chair. “Your afternoon tea, sir” the butler spoke as he approached the chair.
    “James, I told you not to stay.” The chair spun around to reveal a burly middle aged man. “You know he is expected to come today.”
    “One man cannot get past all the guards we have here. This mansion is a virtual fortress.”
    “Damnit! I sent everyone home!” The chair went crashing into the wall as the man lept from it slamming his hands into the desk. James had remained calm not spilling a drop of tea while his employer continued ranting and pacing back and forth from behind his desk. “They’re all dead. We’re dead. Why didn’t anyone listen to me?”
    “Please”, James pleaded. “Sir, if he were to even approach this place there would be so many warning and all the gunfire, even if he could get through the 40 guards there would be no way he could reach you before you had time to leave. You must relax”. Extending his hand to offer the tea, once again.
    “James, you don’t understand. Keeping everyone here will just get them killed. I wish you would have followed my orders.”
    Feeling rejected James withdrew the tea and walked back over to the tray to set the cup down. “Sir, if he was coming he should have been here by now. No alarms have sounded, there has been no gunfire. No one is dead.”
    Suddenly, a figure appears from the shadows in the corner of the room. Obviously, eavesdropping on the conversation and unknown to the two men steeped in argument.
    “Well, no one in this room is dead. I cannot say the same for everyone else. I foretold of my coming and I am never late.”

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