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    The foretelling


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    The foretelling

    Post by Sundown on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:39 pm

    As soon as the tea filled the porcelain cup the butler set the pot down on the silver tray. Picking up the saucer and walking the cup to the back of an oversized chair. “Your afternoon tea, sir” the butler spoke as he approached the chair.

    “James, I told you not to stay.” The chair spun around to reveal a burly middle aged man. “You know he is expected to come today.”

    “One man cannot get past all the guards I have setup here. This mansion is a virtual fortress.”

    “Damnit! I sent everyone home!” The chair went crashing into the wall as the man leapt from it slamming his hands into the desk. James had remained calm not spilling a drop of tea while his employer continued ranting and pacing back and forth from behind his desk. “They’re all dead. We’re dead. Why didn’t anyone listen to me?”

    “Please”, James pleaded, then clearing his throat. “Sir, if he were to even approach this place there would be some warning; at least from the gunfire, even if he could get through the 40 guards there would be no way he could reach you before you had time to leave. You must relax”. Extending his hand to offer the tea, once again.

    “James, you don’t understand. Keeping everyone here will just get them killed. I wish you would have followed my orders.”

    Feeling rejected James withdrew the tea and walked back over to the tray to set the cup down. “Sir, if he was coming he should have been here by now. No alarms have sounded, there has been no gunfire. No one is dead.”

    As James was finishing his sentence, a figure emerged from the shadows in the corner of the room. “Well, no one in this room is dead. I cannot say the same for everyone else. I foretold of my coming and I am never late.” Turning to James the stranger added, “James, you should have listened to Basil Vidales, that is still the name you are going by now isn’t it?”

    Basil nodded the affirmative, “Look, James shouldn’t be here.  He doesn’t have to die.”  Suddenly, Basil’s face paled and mouth hung upon he began to shake as he looked toward James.  James was pointing a very long bent, and somewhat twisted looking finger into the side of the stranger’s neck.  

    “Oh, Basil you managed to hire a Sewon.  I’m quite surprised.  The look on your face is equally surprising.  I suspect you didn’t know what you had in your butler and still don’t fully grasp it.”

    “The name is Nerírtr, not James.” Agitated, Nerírtr’s tone grows stern as he asks, “If you know I am Sewon, then you should also know that by putting my grýkn in your neck it is pumping poison into your blood stream.  Why are you so calm?”

    The stranger grinned and looked toward Basil who was still frozen behind his desk.  “I am a Nyght.” Before the stranger could say another word Nerírtr quickly removed the grýkn.  The grýkn was severed in half before Nerírtr could pull it back to his side.  Basil fell forward, his head slamming into the desk and the weight of his dead body rolling him off to the floor.

    Nerírtr went sailing against the far wall where he lay slumped against the corner.  The stranger walked over to Nerírtr.  “Yes, a Nyght.  I am immune to your poison.” Looking down at Nerírtr he almost looked pathetic.  Shivering, tears streaming down his cheeks, half his grýkn ripped off.  Scared. Humiliated.  Yes, humiliated indeed.  “You Sewonians have far too much pride in your grýkn.  I think I just might let you live.” Sneered the Nyght.  “If you remain here too long, the local authorities will catch you and assume you did all this because you are alien.  Earth people tend to fear what they don’t know and jump to conclusions to justify the ill they deliver to what it is they fear.  However if you do get out and make it home, you’ll be a disgrace and laughed at the rest of your life. Maybe you can set an example for the rest of your kind to not mess in affairs they don’t understand.”  

    As sirens filled the air the Nyght rendered Nerírtr unconscious.  "Good luck" the Nyght proffered, "you're gonna need it."

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    Re: The foretelling

    Post by Sundown on Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:59 pm

    The door swings open and four men come rushing into the room to see a lifeless body behind a desk.  Each man bore their own grýkn.  Ornately decorated with jewelry and some much more so than others.  When they spot Nerírtr they rush to his side.

    Three of the men wore purple clothing with yellow bands that weaved in such a way that they shimmered in and out of view with movement.  Decorated with various emblems signifying past battles.  Each bearing a set of rings on their grýkn that signified rank.  One Sewon bore a ring of three intertwining vines.  Three to signify his medical expertise.  He was the first to kneel over Nerírtr and was examining him when a Sewon, not wearing the distinctive military dress, drew a pistol and aimed it straight at Nerírtr.

    “Aeto, if you fire that weapon, I will have you branded as a traitor.  I am still in charge of this campaign you are only here because your wife, who sits with the alliance, wants someone to try and find fault so she can remove our funding.”
    The medic interrupting the feud, “He’s alive! We need to get him to the shuttle in order to proceed.”  The remaining should stooped down to help the medic pick up Nerírtr.

    Aeto turned to the woman who spoke, “What Ani? Are you crazy! That thing is despicable!” with a slight gag Aeto continued, “Are you so blind to have not noticed the grýkn is torn.  He’ll be laughed at and scorned.  Forced to live in seclusion.  It would be a justice to end his life.  How can you justify this cruelty Ani?  This is why my wife wants an observer in your midst.”

    Ani snapped her heels together with such force it startled Aeto.  “That’s right.” Ani forced a fake smile. “An observer.  An observer is someone who watches and reports.  Not someone who takes action.”

    As the soldiers began to move out with Nerírtr, Ani followed and Aeto quickly gathered himself and began to follow; grabbing Ani by the arm and pulling her back through gritted teeth he breathed, “This isn’t over.”

    Ani glanced down and then back up to Aeto who didn’t get the message the first time so she repeated her glance down and Aeto followed her gaze to the blade in her hand aimed at his groin.  “Next time you grab a soldier by the arm from behind, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dead.  You have no idea what is going on here and you just barge in assuming this was a failure. Not sorry to disappoint you.  The fact is Nerírtr may be a hero. Since your son loves to worship the heroes, I hope he doesn’t decide to have his grýkn amputated in Nerírtr’s honor.”

    Aeto’s mouth fell open, “A hero? How? His grýkn didn’t even work! You owe me an explanation!”

    Ani sheethed her knife and walked over to Basil, setting his lifeless body on fire.  “Wouldn’t want the humans to know there were aliens here.  That would be a mistake. I suggest you accompany us to the shuttle where I’ll tell you what I can of this mission.  Not because I owe you but because I am going to enjoy watching you squirm with worry that Nerírtr’s act of heroism just might cause your foolish son to harm his grýkn.”  

    A loud squeal filled the air followed by, “This is the police, come out with your hands up!”

    “I plan to port over to the shuttle, I’d suggest you hurry though the aureola before it collapses and you are discovered by the humans.”

    Aeto took off on a dead run to the back of the house trying to reach the aureola, which was a radiance of luminous cloud that only a Sewon can perceive.  To anyone else, whoever is in the aurela is not only invisible but unreachable.

    Ani laughed as the man ran off, the yellow shimmer in her coat gradually widening and swirling around until the purple was nearly gone except on the very fringes of the garment and in a quick flash Ani ported form the room to the shuttle.  “Get ready team, Aeto should be here soon.  Just for fun, collapse the aureola as he nears the end to make him think he barely got here on time.”

    Laughing the crew nodded and made the request happen.   Aeto, just in the shuttle gasping for breath as the door closed behind him.

    “Come on Aeto, let’s have a little chat and let you in on the details of our mission.  I so want you to tell your wife how the alliance’s money is being well spent.  Of course, you could try to keep it a secret for the sake of your son, but eventually it’ll come out and that’d just cause greater risks to your family.”

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