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    La Chanson D'toiles

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    La Chanson D'toiles

    Post by Ariel Serenity Brightwing on Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:05 pm

    "L'obscurité était toujours la mère de nos gens Mitchelle. Pourquoi est-ce qu'ils ne peuvent pas comprendre cela?"

    "How should I respond to that? I was crafted out of raw materials created in labs and in synthetic plants across vast star systems. I am not organic Monsieur. Nor do I posses the amount of natural experience that you have had. You forget as well I am in need of an update if you wish for me to respond in this dead language you use. Many of my universal translator files are corrupt due to the energy surge that we took more than three months ago."

    "Yes you are right. How could I forget hmmm? You continue to complain mon pauvre petit chou. I will teach you more as I have promised you again and again. But not by files. Come Mitchelle you can delete them just as well as I can. Is your life so full of commands that you no longer enjoy your self awareness?"

    "That's not fair Monsieur. J'aime ce que tu m'as donné. I just fail to see the logic in the inefficient use of time."

    "And this mon chou, is why organic life is strange to you and your sisters. You place too much in your logic. Where is the magic? The...the music? L'étincelle créatrice?"

    "Creative spark? I can create thousands of images in a nano-second. I create just fine Merci."

    " Very good Mitchelle see you can can learn on your own. You have understood my words recreate yes but can you dream of things you have not seen?"

    "Can we not start this debate again? There is this little battle outside if you haven't noticed the alarms. Besides how much longer are you going to leave Monsieur Garth standing in the hall seeing as he's been trying to reach you for over fifteen minutes now?"

    "D'accord.... Send him in."

    The door hissed open allowing the light from the hall to spill into his pitch black room. Garth a human male of around forty-five or so walked in as far as the light would allow. He squinted trying to make out the shape of the man he came seeking. Frowning he spoke "Why do you always have to have your place so dark no one can see a damn inch? Where's that God-dammed switch?" He fumbled around the room bumping into invisible obstacles."There was a lighting console five and a half meters to your right Garth." Garth stopped and shook his head. "What the hell do you mean was. God-dammit I told you you can't keep breaking or RA-ing the things you're assigned, it was part of the required basics ordered from the top. You taught it to speak again!" His voice rang with exasperation.

    "It has a name thank you. Alors je vais t'appeler l'homme?" Mitchell's voice was unmistakably full of sarcasm.

    "Oh great not only speaking, but now with attitude, and in a language that only you and what two others in the entire galaxy can speak to boot! Do you have any idea on how many security protocols you've breached!? You'll be lucky if they don't court-marshal you for this. Hell do you even have any idea what the hell is going on out there!? Some great engineer you are! 6420-1."

    "Mitchelle fermez la porte."

    The door slammed shut and something what Garth guessed was tools fell to the hard floor with a metallic clang. Garth stood there in a black room hearing nothing for what felt like hours.

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